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hipmamamoomoo's Journal

activism, alternative lifestyles, alternative parenting, anarchy, anti-capitalism, anti-childfree, anti-corporate, anti-establishment, anti-heterosexism, anti-oppression, anti-psychiatry, anti-vaccination, anti-war, attachment parenting, babies, baby names, babywearing, bettie page, bikini kill, birth, bisexuality, black flag, body modification, body politics, breastfeeding, breasts, breeders, bright eyes, child-led weaning, clitoris, cloth diapers, co-sleeping, cyberfeminism, diy, doulas, drama, dreadlocks, empowerment, extended breastfeeding, fat activism, feminism, fighting the establishment, food stamps, free birth, garnished wages, genital piercing, getting my nails done, getting pregnant, girlmom, girls with kids, granola, grrl rock, harry potter, having kids, hello kitty, high school drop outs, hip mamas, hipmama, home birth, homeschooling, kids, kinky sex, lactivism, lesbian mothers, lesbianism, lesbians, long skirts, mamas, marijuana, menstrual health radicalism, menstrual huts, menstruation, midwifery, motherhood, mothering, mothers, my baby daddy, natural childbirth, natural parenting, natural remedies, neo-anarchy, nipple rings, non spanking, nude modeling, parenting, placentas, polyamory, portland, positive discipline, positive parenting, potty training, pregnancy, pro-life, progressive parenting, punk mothers, punk parents, punk rock mamas, queer studies, radical parenting, safety pins, sea sponges, self-examination, single mothers, soap operas, socialism, soy milk, stay at home moms, tandem nursing, teen moms, teen mothers, teen pregnancy, teenage welfare mothers, the family bed, the revolution, thrift stores, trying to conceive, unassisted birth, uncircumsized, vegan, vegan kids, vegetarianism, vulvas, water birth, webcams, welfare, welfare moms, welfare rights, women's studies, womyn, young mothers, zines